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Chapter 42

  • *Palak Pov*
  • I smiled when Aunty and Jasmine continued to fuss over Eli the moment we returned on Sunday night itself as both David and I had to go to work the next day.
  • I know we have to talk about his reaction when I said I don't want to hold any ceremony for others, but it is better to do it alone instead of involving others right now.
  • "Palak! Let her stay with me for today." Aunty suddenly asked and I can say kind of just stated her intention more than asking about it.
  • It is actually not a problem as she is comfortable to sleep anywhere and not fussy about anything when it comes to sleeping. I nodded and she left as it is already time to sleep.
  • "Bhabhi! There is a surprise for you." Jasmine whispered and David glared at her hearing those words and she immediately left before he can scold her.
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