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Chapter 37

  • *David Pov*
  • "You are grasping the things too fast. You can join our company after graduation and become successfully independent for sure." I commented when she finished the work I passed to her within a short time.
  • "If I join our company then how can I be independent?" she asked, shaking her head and Palak snorted hearing that question, but glanced away to concentrate on her own work I gave her.
  • "You have to join by your own and not through any connections." I pointed out and she gave a nod before glancing at me.
  • "Bhai! Mom is very independent in your eyes, right?" she asked, smiling and I know Mom is her role model from the time she was a kid.
  • "Yes! Even Palak is very independent. She used to live alone and care for herself everyday. Right now she has the ability to live by herself too, but for our sake, she is staying with us." I replied to which she rolled her eyes.
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