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Chapter 36

  • *Palak Pov*
  • I frowned, looking at the number I was sure will not appear on my phone screen again instead of the one I was expecting.
  • It's been nearly a week since he went to the meeting and he continued to call everyday in the evening and then at night. He already knows my schedule, but he still calls during my work timings and ask about Eli.
  • I just have to reply that I am at work before hanging up. He will never call me again until nine at night when Eli generally spends time with him every day.
  • However, when I heard my phone ringing at his casual time, I found it is actually from my Dad instead of him. I sighed, picking up the call because it's been so long since he contacted me.
  • "What is it, Dad?" I asked without greeting him and can hear him sighing.
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