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Chapter 35

  • *David Pov*
  • "Is something wrong, David? You had a conference during this time, right?" Mom asked when I calmly walked out of the kitchen after she rushed away.
  • "It got postponed." I mumbled, still in shock with my own actions.
  • What have I done? Will she get angry and leave? Oh god! Why didn't I stop myself? Do I regret? No! Somehow I don't regret it, but scared about the result for sure. But then she... she kissed me back and of not for Jasmine's footsteps, I don't know what would have happened.
  • It is a good thing that we heard Jasmine or else it would have been a disaster for sure if they caught us in that situation. Damn it! What am I even thinking right now when there is a chance for her to leave this house because of this?
  • I heard their discussion about the shopping they did and the shopping they have to do later for some time before escaping into my study room, but continued to pace around thinking about a plan to stop her from leaving.
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