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Chapter 30

  • *David Pov*
  • When my phone started vibrating I opened my eyes but stayed in the same position for a few seconds wishing I can again place my head on her shoulder after shifting away, but I know I can't no matter what if I don't want her to completely ignore me.
  • "What time is it?" I asked, clearing my throat, finding her sitting still with her eyes on Bhai.
  • "6'o clock!" she replied, relaxing her shoulder after I moved away while I took out my phone only to find five missed calls from Mom.
  • "Did Mom call you?" I asked turning towards her, but she shook her head in negative still not looking at me.
  • "You didn't have lunch, right? And not even snacks. You should have woke me up. You shouldn't be on an empty stomach like this. Why don't you go home?" I asked, standing up still not believing that I slept for nearly four hours.
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