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Chapter 28

  • *David Pov*
  • "Stop! You can't do anything right now." They held me back before I can take the second step and I fought them with my everything but I couldn't stop anything at all like they said and this time I felt the tears forming in my eyes while I lost energy in my whole body. Why? Why did it end like this?
  • After that I don't even know what is happening around me. Did I just witness my brother marrying Palak? Why? How could this happen?
  • "David! What is this about you planning everything? Is it really true?" I can hear Mom questioning me while I just stood there in the living room waiting for Bhai and Palak to come home along with everyone for the answers.
  • Why did she do it? She replied to my message and accepted for this plan, right? Then why? I closed my eyes, wishing all this to be just a dream. This is not the first time I wished for many things to be just a dream.
  • "Jasmine? Is something wrong? I will call you later." I said while checking the time and gesturing Satish to calm down who is rushing me to keep my phone away and start the engine to reach the start point.
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