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Chapter 24

  • *James Pov*
  • After saying the words 'I Do', she didn't utter a single word and moved like a robot, even while walking out of the church. I can see David at the entrance, staring at us in shock and he is even letting the tears out openly.
  • I know she is walking beside me and thought there will be some interaction from either one of them, but seems like he is shocked by the turn of events.
  • Even I am feeling the shock with myself that I followed her words like this, but all I can think of at that moment was to calm her down because I know the baby is really important.
  • And the words I heard from her doctor is that there shouldn't be any stress otherwise it will really effect. But after it's done, I don't know what to even say to anyone and I don't know what is going on in her head. At least she is not hyperventilating like before and calmed down after hearing my words.
  • As I need to take another way from the entrance to reach the car because of stairs, I turned and she just followed that way itself instead of taking the stairs. It's like she is absent-mindly following the chair and thinking of nothing else.
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