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Chapter 17

  • *Navya Pov*
  • I opened my eyes slowly hearing some buzzing sound near my ear. But when I opened them, I saw the face of my husband who is sleeping but with a small frown.
  • Seeing that I myself frowned and thought why he always just struggles like he is just trying to prove something. It looks like he never feels any peace within him.
  • The buzzing sound brought me out of my thoughts. I was trying to move so that I can take my phone from the table so see who is calling me, but his arm around my waist stopped me from moving.
  • I slowly removed it without disturbing him and got up in a sitting position. Taking the phone from the nightstand, I saw that Divya is calling me.
  • I lifted it and leaned against the headboard. She immediately started saying, "Hello Madam! Are you still sleeping? If you are, then tell me all the details about yesterday's night."
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