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Don't Leave Me #1

Don't Leave Me #1


Update: 2020-09-22

Chapter 1

  • *Two years back*
  • "So, you love my daughter?" Mr.Harsha Gupta asked him.
  • "I do, sir!" Suhas Agarkar replied.
  • "But I don't accept you for my daughter at all." Mr.Harsha said getting up.
  • "Why?" Suhas asked, confused and pestered, for some time to tell him the reason.
  • "You already know the answer to that Suhas. We all know what your father did." Mr.Harsha didn't want to talk about it, but he doesn't have any other option.
  • "But I will never behave like him, and you must trust me." Suhas pleaded.
  • "If my daughter didn't say that you are a good friend to her, then I would have not even talked to you like this." Mr.Harsha said looking at his daughter.
  • "This is about my daughter's life, and I think all this love will be forgotten after some time. Then you will take your father ways." Mr.Harsha added in surety.
  • "I will love her even after many years. I know she doesn't love me, but I love her so much." Suhas said confidently.
  • "Then prove it! Don't meet her or anyone of us for two years. Don't get in contact with us and also know anything about us. And even after that if you still love her, then I will accept." Mr.Harsha said after a few minutes as he doesn't have any other choice because both may even take a big stupid step if he rejects sternly.
  • "I will prove it to you, sir. In the meantime, I will work hard to set a better life for her." Saying this Suhas left that house.
  • Innocent to all this Navya entered the house after looking at the retreating figure of Suhas.
  • "Kavya Di! Why is your friend leaving the house in such a hurry?" She asked when she saw her whole family sitting in the living room.
  • Before her Di can reply, her father said, "Kavya! I am going to get some matches for you."
  • "But Dad! That is wrong and not fair at all." Kavya said in shock.
  • "I will protect my daughters no matter what will happen. And I know this is the best thing to do for you." Saying this he along with his wife Radha went inside their room.
  • "Kavya Di! Do you love someone?" I asked the innocent Navya looking at the way Kavya flopped herself on the couch.
  • "No Navya! But I am loved by someone." That's the only reply Kavya gave her.
  • Even though Navya is 20years old and just three years younger than her sister, she is the naive one and knows nothing but good in this world.
  • She doesn't know that the incident to which she is not even present will make her nothing but a victim in the future.