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Prologue 3

  • With a bloodstained hand, the gate-crasher photographer manages to capture the grief of the groom. The whole place is taking a barrage of gunshots until his shoulder takes a hit. His camera falls to the ground with a sound of shattered lens.
  • In the sight of him, everything goes in slow motion. His mind heard the screams, happy greetings turn into grief. He struggles to pick up his camera. His vision gets all blurry and a feeling of unsteadiness affects the balance. Until he falls to the ground.
  • While slowly losing his consciousness, the series of the overwhelming bullets suddenly stop.  Loud screams of pain remained.
  • A man who is calling him while ago, come into his blurry vision. With a devilishly grin on his lips, he slowly kicked the gate-crasher photographer body.
  • “The requirement of blood that I need has been meet. We will see each other again, one day.” The psychopath chuckles indicating his successful feat. “I told you, you will pay your debt with interest. Did you not see it to my young eyes during my father court trial?”  Then he remembers the day where he stands as witness to the biggest syndicate leader. He clasps his fist, but another kick shoved him into unconsciousness.
  • All he could whisper was to apologize for the people who got involved in this tragedy.
  • ********************************
  • The groom rushed his bride to the hospital. Emergency and medical team hurriedly assists him to emergency room. As a physician himself he knew that he can do something. His bride is a strong woman, she doesn’t give up easily. He desperately tried to revive her, giving her CPR, he did everything, everything for his woman. The sound of life machine going flat line was enough to make him realize that the love of his life is already gone.
  • He embraced his wife. This may be the last time he can embrace her.
  • With her, he found a reason to live. With her, he found life. But today he lost her, today he lost himself too.
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