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Prologue 2

  • Prologue 2 
  • Fresh flowers rain as the bride slowly making her walk down the aisle. Her beautiful white dress sparkles with glitters. Her groom anticipation to hold her hand growing bigger. Patiently awaits her arrival at the altar. Her smiles and sparkling eyes in happiness fixed to his eyes.
  • The wedding choir’s soft music and well-lit atmosphere gives a romantic ambience.
  • The groom could not hold his emotions anymore. He never expected the happiness he is feeling at the very moment.  But a feeling of nervousness still lingers in his mind.
  • Having the idea of a “runaway bride”?  A very thought that made him smirk. Surely, she wouldn’t dare of doing that. It would be very unlikely. They love each other very much. This is the biggest event of his life. No one will ruin this.
  • No one.
  • It is an event which costs a billion of dollars. Only the elite people who are known in the society where invited to such extravagant wedding of the century. A wedding between a famous physician and a daughter of a known family owning a business monopoly.
  • It was a beautiful day. A perfect day for such event. All people wishing them a prosperous married life.
  • They both take their vows. A vow that will be remembered forever. Both promising to take responsibilities of their sworn testimonies.
  • Until the priest pronounces them as Husband and Wife.
  • “You may now kiss your Bride.”
  • The Groom lifts the veil of the bride. With smile in her lips. But instantly, it’s gone. Not because of his bride face but… the church bell rings. Loudly and provocative. A wedding bell chime turned into a Death Bell Toll.
  • The people froze momentarily. The gate-crasher photographer’s camera immediately shot, which was about to take a picture of the grand moment.
  • Guns firing inside the church.
  • People were screaming, ducking under to take cover. The rain of flowers has quickly changed into a rain of bullets. Gunmen devilishly poured their bullet which sync to the cathedral bell continuous to its sound of death.
  • Gunfire would not stop until the bride’s white gown turns into bloody red.
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