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Chapter 9 “Mr. handsome”.

  • ( Monina's POV )
  • So I continue to walk even though I can feel the ache in my feet. This hospital can’t help when there is an emergency, there’s no vehicle where you can ride. Hayssssst.
  • I look at the back when an ambulance is about to arrive, I stay at the wayside. It’s kind of creepy for me, the sound of ambulance. Someone is sick or at the edge of death. I suddenly prayed for that person. May God save him, through the doctors and nurses who will take care of him.
  • Idea entered my mind.  I must take haste or else I am going to be late in my class. I regret that I did my part time job this day.
  • I saw three men who are biking at the place. I acted as if I’m dizzy. They saw me and come towards me. I acted as if I lost my consciousness.  I hope this will work.
  • They suddenly they panicked; they keep on tapping my face.  I heard someone called the emergency hotline. I remained that way as they keep on tapping me.
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