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Chapter 6 He just hated him.

  • ( Secretary Lee POV's )
  • “Reports.” He took the glass again.
  • The sequence of the reports are... about the company, his brother and about the progress of the incident ten years ago. I started to acquaint him about everything that happened in the company. As always no one dare to commit mistake. I also informed him about the oncoming project details and some company activities for the employee and clients. He didn't utter a words. Well, I make sure that everything that I've said is perfect.
  • "About Young Master Dominic Wu, he is doing great on his study. However, he still refused to leave the public university."
  • "Hard-headed. Tss."
  • His brother goes to a commoner community university. The Young master chose medicine since their bloodline attached to this type of profession. It is something that you cannot just take away from them. It is already on their blood.  The Wu family is known being the best and highly influential in their field of work.
  • Master Cedrick young brother was strictly guarded since he was acting like a normal person and refuses the idea of having a bodyguard beside him.
  • For what I heard, Young Master Dominic blaming Master Cedrick for their family tragic fate. Since the incident, the two has only seen each other once. Never again in almost ten years.
  • He just hated him.
  • He is covertly worried for his young brother’s safety especially that they are now the only remaining members of Wu’s family. After the tragedy, that nearly brought their bloodlines in extinction.  But he still concerns for his brother. He hired guards to surround him secretly. Some are disguised as his classmates, just to make sure of his safety. 
  • I don’t know if Young Master Dominic suspects them. I heard that the bodyguards who disguised as his classmates does not do well in their class.
  • Securing his young brother, was only evident that Master Cedrick understands his brother’s decision. He only wanted to get away from his family adversary and feel free to live.
  • "I assured that your brother is safe and sound."
  • Then I obliviously closed my eyes when I saw the next page that I'm supposed to report next to him.
  • This was the hardest part. About the ten-year-old Wu Wedding massacre.
  • There is no progress in the investigation. Still not moving.
  • I open my eyes bravely to face him.
  • “About the investigation.” He gazed me with his fiery eyes. His anticipation wakes and eager to know something. But he reads my thought instantly…
  • “Don’t tell me that there’s still no development.”
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