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Chapter 51 You know Mr. Handsome, right?

  • (Monina POV's)
  • Okay. You want me to be rude just like you? Then I will give it to you. I am being nice to you but you keep on behaving like this attitude, now I will give you what you want.
  • I grab the seat. I wanna bite this jerk.  But I am protecting my teeth. I don’t want to use artificial teeth. Besides, the monthly check up in the dentist is quite expensive.
  • We stared at each other.
  • "You know Mr. Handsome, right?”  Hmmm… What kind of question is that Monina? There are many Handsome in the earth. One of those is my ultimate crush, My one and only Lee Min Ho.
  • "I mean, can you still remember the moment in the hospital?" then I got my camera in my bag.  I search for the picture I captured. I stand and came towards him.
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