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Chapter 47 Out of blue, he laughed.

  • ((( Secretary Lee POV's )))
  • I opened another bottle of liquors and put a little amount in the glass. It was a blood colored wine. Master Cedrick is silently soaking his body in the water; he is waiting for me to give him a glass of wine.
  • I can now smell the scent of the candle which was recommended by his personal doctor. Yeah even he is needing one. The scent of the candle makes him relax.
  • He really hates this world because of tragedy. Ms. Vanessa was his world, now that she’s gone he thought he lost his world too, that there is no reason to live.
  • Well, even me, I can’t also bare if something bad happens to my wife. Master Cedrick loves her so much. He loves too much that is why losing her is too painful for him too.  Their wedding ring; it is still placed on his finger. The liquor twirl inside the glass. I heard him chuckle. What’s the matter with him?  He opened his eyes and drinks the wine.  He closed his eyes again and lean his head.
  • And then I suddenly hear him murmuring… "How dare she…" I am not sure who he is talking about…
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