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Chapter 46 Damn you boys! Are you really good in making woman cry?!

  • (Monina POV's )
  • In our next class, i just let my thoughts to be lost while I am hugging by bag. I feel like windfall happened to me. I feel like I won a lottery ticket even though never in my life that I bought a lottery ticket.
  • That jerk, Mr. Handsome is giving me headache. Now I am so confused. He is fooling me. Then I suddenly bite my tongue. Ouch! That hurts a lot. Tss. Please don’t think of me, I have bitten my own tongue because of you. 
  • I told Angela I’m leaving first.
  • After class, I went directly to the restaurant. I have another part-time job there, as waitress. The restaurant is exclusive for rich people. There are class A and Class B customers. Only few people who are coming here because as I said it is exclusive for high class people.
  • Aside from being a waitress, I am also a dish washer. It is not really hard because there are only few plates that were used by few customers. I was getting the trash out, when I saw a girl who has been pushed away by a guy.
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