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Chapter 45 Another emergency expenses

  • (( Monina POV's )))
  • Damn that man! What should I do with this huge amount of money? What does he think of every woman? A gold digger? Damn him!   He is really assuming in that part huh. Yes he is handsome and that is the only thing nice about him. What should I do with this?
  • Then I frown when I realize something.
  • Does he assume that he can buy my entirety? Does he think that I am one of those who exchange their body just for money? Hahaha. Argh!
  • I didn’t attend one of my classes just for him. Where are you jerk? Don’t hide, show yourself now! But he did not come.
  • I check my bag. Making sure that the box of money is still there. I’m gonna return it to him. Damn you, jerk! I am not selling myself.
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