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Chapter 42 Who else? The woman that I kissed in the gas station!

  • ( Secretary Lee POV's)
  • Even he was drunk, I again witness the excellent operation Master Cedrick performed. It is good that those who assist him in the operation are all relaxed and focused so no one will be fired today. The doctors applaud. Master Cerdrick’s skill is unbelievable, that is why they call him Dr. Alucard. When you reverse it, it means Dracula. They are calling him Dracula because he is doing the operation during full moon and he is choosing his victim.
  • I waited him outside the operation room, when he came out, he go straight to his office.  He took a bath while I am preparing his clothes.
  • ((( Cedrick POV's )))
  • I am looking my reflection in the mirror when I remember that bitch who slapped my face. I shook my head to forget her… but the scenario in gas station. My lips… our lips met. Did I really kiss her? 
  • What is the feeling? No! No! What I did is wrong. I am sorry Vanessa, I didn’t mean it.
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