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Chapter 41 Well wait for me Auntie. I will slap you with this money.

  • (Monina's POV)
  • Then I remember the movie where there is a rich man who is in love with a poor girl and the mother of the rich man doesn’t want that kind of girl for his son. So, she gave money to the poor girl and told her to stay away from his son. Maybe this is not form Mr. handsome but from his bitch mom. So, I will be Sanchai of Meteor Garden here in the story huh? Well wait for me Auntie. I will slap you with this money. 
  • (( Secretary Lee POV's )))
  • I am now carrying the “real” gift of Young Master Dominic to Monina. The door has been opened for me and there is Master Cedrick, he is drinking liquors again. Knowing he was schedule in performing an operation later.  
  • I place the gift on his table. I opened it so Master Cedrick can see what is inside of it. When we check what’s inside, we saw a box of band aid, medical kit and scarf which he threw on the floor, one by one. Until the last item… a love letter? I think it is a love letter. He shows it to me and smirked.
  • "Remove all of this bullshit stuffs, put money instead and include a note saying, “Stay away from me”.
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