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Chapter 35 Let's talk

  • ((( Secretary Lee POV's )))
  • Master Cedrick and I did not expect the person inside the private room where Ms. Vanessa’s ashes lay.  The care taker of this building has been told to open this room as early as possible because Master Cedrick will be here. 
  • But what is this?
  • And I close my eyes in shock when I saw the broken urn and the strayed ashes of Ms. Vanessa scattered to the floor.
  • What do you think next happened? Master Cedrick was furious and I even get myself in the middle when my boss loosen his control in madness. I was the one who punch… and the woman get herself out the room.
  • We chase her then some of Master Cedrick men waiting outside take their action to halted her. I called the cops to deal with this accident legally.
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