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Chapter 28 Yeah. You just kiss a stranger.

  • (( Secretary Lee POV's )))
  • I smiled when I saw who is standing. It was the girl whom master Young Dominic likes. So this means… she is not a social climber or gold digger.  She has a lot of work, huh?
  • I smiled at her and gave her the card. Master Cedrick does not know that we are here. I think he will not remember this girl.
  • If I am not mistaken, her name is Monina. She did not know me.
  • "Full tank, please." I told her.
  • I almost lost my hearing because of the loud horn of that huge truck, so I checked master Cedrick’s reaction through side mirror. He’ll be annoyed of me because of this. He opened his eyes and stared at her. 
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