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Chapter 18 Terminate that damn woman

  • ((( Secretary Lee POV's )))
  • Master Cedrick is now doing the operation to his chosen patient.  He has a complication in his heart.  Many doctors decline to do the operation because of high risk.  The operation is very dangerous; he might die so he was rejected. But Master Cedrick has compassion to him and accepts to do the operation.
  • It will be a disappointment for the doctors if they did not succeed in the operation. They have to be very careful or else they will experience such humiliations.
  • The true doctors are the ones who are always after the safety of their patient. They are not after the money because for them saving someone who is at the edge of death is a fulfillment. It’s a priceless thing for them, because no amount of money can replace the life of someone. They are willing to save the life no matter what it cost.
  • "Scalpel."  I am with other doctors who are watching master Cedrick from the screen.  Most of them admire the skills he possessed. He was gentle and careful that there is no blood coming out as he cut out the patient’s chest. 
  • He is damn good.
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