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Chapter 17 Why did you left me, Vanessa?

  • ((( Cedrick POV's )))
  • Vanessa hugged me; I did not notice that she got a shot on his back. Her smiles suddenly fade. Then someone take another shot on her and another. I want to do something but I still chose to hold her. I stared at her blackly. I can’t explain the unfathomable feeling of pain that moment. My woman is covered with blood.
  • "You must live, Cedrick." she still managed to smile and she was stricken by another shot. Blood is coming out from her mouth.
  • "You are my first and my last love, I love you so much.” She closed her eyes and fell on my arms. I hurriedly put her inside the car and rushed her to the hospital.
  • No Vanessa! This can’t happen. Please don’t leave me. I’m begging you. I can save you!
  • And I heard the rang of the church bell over and over again. It was the sound of someone who passed away. 
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