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Chapter 15 Oh my goodness! He is freakin’ handsome!

  • ( Monina's POV )
  • He face is so near to me. Oh my goodness! He is freakin’ handsome!
  • I cannot be mistaken, this man in front of me is Mr. handsome, though he is wearing an eyeglasses. He is so neat with his uniform. His uniform is similar to Justin Sy which means that he is also a medical student. He is wearing a uniform as white as dove, he was very attractive, I thought I saw an angel.
  • He let go of my leg when he was done looking at my scar. Because of what he did people can have a glimpse of the thing I kept under my skirt. I didn’t notice that he is beside me. 
  • He got something inside his bag, I did not say anything. He sat next to me then….
  • "Endure the pain. I will clean your wound.” I follow what he told me. He wiped my wound with a wet cloth. My leg tickled, I can’t help but chuckled for what he is doing.
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