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Chapter 11 You are crazy Monina!

  • ( Monina's POV )
  • Despite being nervous and shy because of what I’ve done, I still manage to smile. There is the man I’m looking for, lying on his bed.
  • "You are the girl –." before he finished his sentence I already nod. Telling him he is right. I’m the one  who made a drama scene. I took a step towards them, and bow my head to show an apology. 
  • "You are the girl who fainted a while a go!" told by the  curly haired man.
  • The handsome man just stared at me, maybe he is wondering. He breathed deeply. I think he was grateful that I am fully fine.
  • "Wait! Don’t ever tell me that you came all the way here for this guy?” he pointed his finger to the artist. I just nod as a response, acted as if I am one of his fans when the truth is I don’t have any care even if he’s an artist. I just only need money. That’s it.
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