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Chapter 10 I’m sinning all day!

  • ( Monina's POV )
  • I read the information of my target.  He was confined in one of the exclusive rooms since he has a lot of money and can afford it.
  • I checked the direction map to find him. I checked the north, east, west and south wings. Besides knowing that he is super rich, is a clue for me to find him. The laboratory is in the northern part, the room for VIP is found in the west wing. I still have to go outside this building.
  • People keep on staring at me as I pass their way. I smiled to them and show the package I’m holding so I will not look suspicious. This is very challenging for me. I’m sinning all day!
  • Until I reach the Level 1 VIP hallway, and saw many doors. I began to search for the room where my client has been confined. I was so happy and satisfied by the efforts I put because I finally found it. I am so proud of myself for being a Dora-like. I have to work hard. I want to achieve something. I promise myself that I will have the things I’ve always imagined since I was young. I have to soar high. 
  • I have two ways to get the sympathy of my client.
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