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Chapter 7

  • When I close my bedroom door I feel like I’m floating. I never thought I could ever feel this way. The first thing I do is pull the diary from its hiding place behind the mirror. Sprawl across the bed and dive into the text scribbled on paper. I finally understand why the me from this world might have fallen for Ben. Now, I need to know a lot more about him than her. 
  • Dear Diary,
  • Today was our first date. He showed up at my door with my favourite flowers, white daisies. He opened the door for me like a true gentleman. He took me to the park on top of the hill. Spread open a picnic blanket and a basket full of my favourite foods. Pizza, hot chocolate and chocolate mousse for dessert. He spoke about rugby and how he wishes he could make the team. His face was so alive. He said the other guys make fun of him. It felt like I was in a movie scene. Where the girl goes on this romantic date with a guy and he sweeps her off her feet. He told me he’d been hurt before. I promised I wouldn’t hurt him like she did. Whoever she was. The fair is coming to town and he said he really wanted to take me. I cannot wait till he does. 
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