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Chapter 23

  • “Miss, you’re being summoned to the office,” a man in a grey suit stands at my bedroom door. I can’t recall if he knocked and when I opened it. I grunt and wipe out my eyes. The sun isn’t up yet, why should I be? I pull my clothes on and discard my pj’s to the already overflowing laundry basket. I never seem to have time for laundry. I walk to the office still wiping out my eyes. When I get there, I see Alex through a glass office door. He waves me nearer. I enter the office without knocking, “Ah Kyomi, it’s great to see you,” the man behind the desk is dressed in a formal black suit. He stretches his hand out toward me and I take it. “Roman,” he says.
  • Alex is standing next to me in a light grey tracksuit and I can’t help but notice his hair is wild, which is unusual for him. He’s usually so put together. I like this look. “Well, now that I have you both here. There’s a mission specifically for the 3 of you. You will head to the plane and go to headquarters and from there be given further instructions,” Roman continues. “Three of us?” I ask. “Yes, Heather will meet you at headquarters, she’s in charge of the mission,” great, just great. I mentally roll my eyes. We’ve been dismissed. “What about our clothes?” I ask. Alex walks toward the exit. “Our clothes are there already,” he says. “How do you know?” “Because that’s how they operate,” we walk on the same path that we did when we arrived on the island. Back then I was so nervous and heartbroken that I’d just been betrayed. Now, I don’t even get to say goodbye to my friends. “You should look more excited, it’s your first mission,” Alex says. “Not really, no,” “Why not?” he asks. “Because she’s gonna be there. And I didn’t get to say goodbye to Amy and Tasha. Did you know that guy?” I point behind us. “No, there’s a new guy every time, and besides, they don’t give the missions,” he says. “Who does?” “They send it electronically to Heather at headquarters.”
  • We reach the aeroplane and I see two figures standing at the cargo hold. It’s still dark and I can’t make out who it is. “Who is that?” Alex asks. The light of the cargo hold comes on and I can see who it is. My face must light up and I run towards them. They both grab me on either side and hug me tight. “Did you think you’d leave and not say goodbye?” Amy asks. “How did you guys know?” “Well, I heard movement in the hallway and knew that it could only be for you. I saw you go to the office with the other guy and went to get Amy,” Tasha explains. “I’m so grateful that you guys came,” “We’ll see you soon, don’t worry,” says Amy. “When will that be?” “I don’t know, but I’ll let you know as soon as I can. By the way professor Danly said you passed intellect and Dr Hassan gave a good report of your Psych eval. So you’re officially done with training. Congratulations,” she gives me a hug again. The excitement perks up but there are nerves and a little sadness for leaving too. “I was just starting to get used to being here,” I say. “Yeah, but we all have to move on eventually,” Amy says. “What about you Tasha? Will you be moving on soon?” I ask her. I know she has dreams of going on missions but her parents want her to either have an internship or work in the offices. “Actually, there’s been an exciting development. There’s an opening near a facility, it’ll be a spy mission. Low key but still a mission and both my parents approved it so I’ll be leaving soon too,” “Oh my goodness!! I’m so excited for you,” I squeeze her tight. My heart warms. I grip Amy’s hand, “We need to go Ky,” Alex calls. He nod’s his head at Amy and she nods back. “See you soon?” she asks him. “Yup,” He responds. For two people who have a lot of private conversations, they really say very little to one another. I give them each another hug and then ascend the plane.
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