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November 8th.

  • I was at the theatre. “The Russian House-Fool” was performed. I laughed
  • heartily. There was also a kind of musical comedy which contained amusing hits
  • at barristers. The language was very broad; I wonder the censor passed it. In
  • the comedy lines occur which accuse the merchants of cheating; their sons are
  • said to lead immoral lives, and to behave very disrespectfully towards the
  • nobility.
  • The critics also are criticised; they are said only to be able to find fault,
  • so that authors have to beg the public for protection.
  • Our modern dramatists certainly write amusing things. I am very fond of the
  • theatre. If I have only a kopeck in my pocket, I always go there. Most of my
  • fellow-officials are uneducated boors, and never enter a theatre unless one
  • throws free tickets at their head.
  • One actress sang divinely. I thought also of—but silence!