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Chapter 8

  • Charlotte's p.o.v
  • "I was eight years old when my mom told me about my dad. I heard all the nice and lovely things she said about him. Despite the fact I hadn't seen him, the compliments she gave my dad made me imagine what kind of father he would be to me if he was still alive. What kind of husband was He? did he love my mom? would he love me too if he was alive? I was young but the thoughts never escaped my mind. I love my mom a lot with everything because she took really good care of me". I Paused as I got ready for the mystery of my life. At one point, I felt like holding back, just while I was contemplating whether to go on or not, Eric held my hand and gave me a reassuring smile.
  • After waiting for a few minutes, I decided to let the cat out of the bag. "Then everything changed when I was thirteen. I could hear voices everytime I close my eyes. I had trouble sleeping at night and it had a great effect on me. I remember having to take dozens of pills so I could sleep but those voices made it hard. Sometimes I see myself in the ocean, at times, I see myself in a golden kingdom. It was really a lot to handle".
  • "There are times my mom would have to rush into my room to wake me up, telling me I was either shouting or talking in my sleep. She stood by me, she fasted and prayed for me everyday".
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