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Chapter 4

  • Eric's p.o.v
  • It was hard dragging my brother to come for the program. I still do not understand why he cannot completely give his life to God. He murmured and complained so many times in the car but I just chose to leave him alone since he knows there is no way he is escaping this one.
  • We got down from the car and went into the hall where I greeted a few members of the organisation. I also met one of my long time friends- Trina who I must say looks really gorgeous.
  • "It's been a while Eric". She greeted me by holding out her hands which I shook gracefully. I won't want to keep her hand hanging.
  • "Yeah it's been a while and I must say, you really look good".
  • "Thank you". She said as she gestured to me to come closer to her which I did. "I put up all this for you, you understand what I mean". she whispered into my ear as I gave a sarcastic laugh which only she understood but she just shrugged and sat down on her seat.
  • I know it's hard for people to believe you have changed. They feel like once you're bad, there's no going back but that's not true because even the baddest of all people can become angels if they want to. I was the one inviting the guest in so I decided to take my position outside when I saw a lady who was smiling at some group of ladies. They must be her friends I thought as I walked up to her.
  • "Are you for the program?" I asked only for her to look at me and stumble on her feet, good thing I was fast enough to pull her close to me or she would have gotten messed up.
  • She cleared her throat as she pulled out of my embrace. "well, just asked if you came for the program". I asked again.
  • "I...." she spoke but was cut off by her friend.
  • "Yes we came for the program". Her friend replied as I showed them the way in. I must say I couldn't stop staring at the first lady I spoke to, there's just something about her but I can't place my finger on what it really is. I showed them to their seat which they took and nodded as a thank you.
  • I left them to assist other guests as I glanced one last time at the first lady who was also glancing at me. Maybe she felt the same way too. It's not a sexual attraction or anything, to be honest, it was something way different from that but I don't think words can describe it. After a few minutes of ushering people in, the hall was filled up. It was time to get to the business of the day.
  • I mounted on the pulpit as I held the microphone. I had to make sure I was getting a good glance at that girl. "Good day ladies and gentlemen. I must say I am really honoured to have you all here. And I know that as you have come for this program, you'll recover everything you've lost in the name of Jesus".
  • "Amen". They all chorused.
  • My view was entirely on her and she seemed so uncomfortable. I didn't want to get distracted so I got down from the pulpit and walked around. "You". I said pointing at her but since I wasn't close enough, other people kept standing up. "No, not you...the girl in black with a blue cap". and I forgot to say she didn't dress like someone who was coming for a program, she dressed rather casually with a black top and a blue jean trouser with a blue face cap to go with it. She was looking around wondering if anyone else was putting on the exact dressing but she was the only one so you pointed at herself in surprise and I nodded. "Yes you".
  • Charlotte's p.o.v
  • I must say I was still uncomfortable because everytime I tried looking up, his eyes were always on me. I quickly focused back on the phone I was pressing only to hear him give a prayer which of course I didn't say Amen to.
  • "You" I heard him say but I didn't bother looking up at him because I feel that whosoever he's calling would answer to his call.
  • "No, not you". I heard him say as random people stood up but had to take back their seats. "the girl in black with a blue cap". I heard him say. I looked at myself and of course I was wearing a black top and a blue cap but it couldn't possibly be me. I was really curious so I checked everyone but no one had that description except me. With a surprised look on my face, I turned to his direction pointing at myself and he nodded.
  • "Yes you". I looked at my friends who nodded that I should go with him. I didn't want the whole congregation to give me any kind of look so I stood up and damn my legs refused to walk with me. I kept missing my steps so many times that I had to hold each pew for support as I walked. I could have decided to ignore him but I didn't want to disappoint Miranda who already is head over heels in love with him.
  • I got close to him and just stood still with my hands at the back, waiting for him to just tell me whatever he has to say so that I can leave in fact not just leave this present position but leave this premises.
  • "Well as you all know, my name is Eric and what is your name?". He asked with his hand stretched forth at me.
  • " name is...." here is the part where I was confused. A part of me was telling me to say Charlotte and a part of me was telling me to say Chelsea. I felt like I was lost in different worlds.
  • "Your name is?". he asked, coming closer to me. I know he was only coming to get a clearer hearing but my heart was beating faster than it should. His presence affects my entire being and I don't know why. The more he kept coming closer to me, the further I kept going. A part of me was screaming to leave but I didn't get the message so I waited and the only thing I heard him say was "Come out".
  • I stared at him as I felt my body behaving strangely. I knew I wasn't in control of my body anymore. I didn't know but my feet were moving on it's own towards Eric. Eric stood still and waited for me to approach him. Then my lips were moving but they weren't in my control.
  • Eric's p.o.v
  • She walked closer to me and she wasn't looking like the girl I knew a few minutes ago. She looks totally different. The way she walks, it was like a movement from the sea kingdom that was when it finally hit me. The reason I felt strangely towards her was because she is possessed???
  • "You are not going to harm me" the voice said as I looked at her. She is truly possessed and for no reason is a demon supposed to speak through the body of the victim. It gives them more power and Dominion over the victim's life.
  • "I command you demon, in the name of Jesus Christ of quiet". I commanded and obediently the demon stopped speaking. "What's her name?" I yelled.
  • "Her name is Chelsea". Her friend yelled as I felt my spirit telling me it's not her real name.
  • "Her real name". I yelled back but the friend was looking at the other two friends that came along with them. I am pretty sure they do not know her real name.
  • "Her real name is Charlotte".