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Chapter 19

  • Eric's p.o.v
  • I have been feeling a bit weird lately. My feelings are starting to taunt me and I don't know why. Ever since Alex came into the picture, I've been having weird feelings. Could it be that I'm jealous?. I shook my head. Why would I be jealous? I'm not dating Charlotte so it's weird for me to be jealous. I was so deep in thoughts that I didn't know when I bumped into someone.
  • "I'm so sorry". I turned to apologize to the person only for me to see that it was Charlotte. "Charlotte". I called.
  • "Hi, Eric. Is Alex home?". She asked and immediately the jealousy I was feeling became so obvious that I didn't reply to her question. "You know what, never mind...I'll find out myself". And with that, she left.
  • Eric, what is wrong with you? you of all people know how dangerous jealousy can be if not tended to immediately. I heard my thought say as I sighed. I decided to go back home, not because I wanted to know why Charlotte needed to see my cousin but because he needed to talk to her.
  • ***Alex's P.o.v***
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