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Chapter 18

  • Alex's p.o.v
  • It's been a while I felt so much happiness. I sat on my bed as the memories of today flashed into my mind. What can I do to help her? I asked myself.
  • In the next split seconds, I noticed something different in my room. The air around me suddenly became very cold. I could barely breathe.
  • As I struggled to get out of the room, I felt a great force pulling me backward, making me hit my back against the wall.   I looked around but I saw no one. I was pulled up and tossed to the door. I couldn't do anything because whatever was going on was faster than the speed of light.
  • I tried to call for help but my voice became mute. I couldn't talk. That was when I knew I was battling with the queen of the coast.
  • I decided to take courage in the word of God. In my mind, I started calling the name of Jesus since I couldn't call his name out loud.
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