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Chapter 11

  • Charlotte's p.o.v
  • "How would you save me if you're scared of me? How would you help me if every movement I make feels like I'm luring you? How would you do it...". Before I knew it, his lips touched mine as he pulled me closer to himself. I don't know why his kiss felt so different. I mean it's not like I haven't had a kiss before but it feels so different. Why?
  • I quickly pulled away as I caught him staring at me. It was those kinds of stares you have when you regret an action.
  • He stood afar off as he wiped his lips with his hands.
  • I didn't know why but suddenly tears started rushing down my cheeks. Why am I even crying? I asked myself.
  • Eric couldn't look me in the eye anymore. He was pacing about hitting his hand on the wall. Then it finally hit me. This was why he was avoiding me. This was why he didn't want to get closer to me.
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