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  • Prince knew that he was played but he never expected it from his maid. So he sat in the parlor watching TV. Whenever Mary walked pass him to do her chores, he would stare at her ass, lick his lips and tried different ways to conceal his erection. She was already dressed up in her maid costume. Then he went to meet her in the kitchen and whispered in her ear. She knew he would come because she was aware of his consistent stares at her features.
  • "Hi, my beautiful Mary." He appeared more friendly to ease the conversation. She only looked at him and kept washing the dishes. She didn't address him as "Sir" anymore and he wasn't offended. He actually enjoyed her company.
  • "So about what we discussed.... What if I pay you handsomely per sex we have and I'll also make our relationship known to my parents and friends." Prince asked like someone about to hug her behind.
  • "You're still missing the point, my Prince. Unless you to agree to marry me before we can start anything. Don't worry, I'll pamper your dick." She maintained her stance.
  • He sniffed the fragrance of her skin and almost wanted to lick her face. As he was about caressing her by hugging her tightly from behind, his hands travelled towards her boobs and his dick felt her soft ass, but she resisted his advances and brushed his hands off her.
  • "Stop it!!" She angry cautioned.
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