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  • With time, he knew he couldn't handle been malhandled by those wardens especially the female wardens. It was like Anita ordered them to deal with him mercilessly. Most times she would hit his dick for no reason at all and the pain was excruciating. It was so clear that he was specially maltreated and it made most of the inmates felt sorry for him.
  • One day, he was slapped with the ass of a gun just because he was slow in movement and he passed out. But as he was about losing consciousness, he saw his friends who had plans for jailbreak. And they looked at him as a loser. Their look made him feel he had to revenge or find a way out that fucking place at all cost.
  • The pain was too much for him that he was getting sick at intervals. He had bruises all over his body and he was getting thin and looking unkept by the day. So one day when they were on break, he went to his #jailbreak friends. They were four in number and they always identified themselves as the goons.
  • They still maintained their title despite harsh punishments from the wardens. They were lucky that they weren't killed during their failed jailbreak attempt but was rather tortures severely and denied of food and water for days. Still, their faith of breaking out of prison was stronger on daily basis.
  • However, this time, they didn't treat Prince with respect, instead, they told him to get on his knees before he could air his voice. Some of them where smacking his head lightly. They only stopped why their leader ordered it.
  • Prince begged to whisper some things in their ears and when they heard it, their leader welcomed him warmly. They loved his plan and it was feasible it would be successful.
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