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  • As the investigations went on against him in support of the leaked video, Prince knew he couldn't escape this one. His high ranked military friends couldn't help me bypass it. He was finally apprehended and sent to court. The whole of late Rose's family was present on the day he was sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • However, before that, the case was adjourned many times, and the judge was bribed but he refused partake in corruption. He was a lover of justice even when he was threatened to be killed along members of his family, he still stood his ground.
  • They tried to frustrate his effort using several ways but all was to no avail. He had the well trained bodyguards to protect him who could predict any attack from the enemy. He even got an impersonator which they killed so most times he judged the case with hologram.
  • He was really a tough nut to crack to Prince and his cohorts as he proved obstinate even when they managed to get his wife and children kidnapped. He secretly sent the best military officers from overseas to retrieve his family and they killed all the kidnappers in the shoot-out.
  • When Prince heard it, he knew his time had come for him to pay for all his crimes. Soon the judge would finally condemn him but he begged his lawyer to do his best so his punishment would be less severe.
  • Prince would have been hanged to death or sentenced to firing squad if not because of his good lawyer that begged for a lesser punishment. He didn't love the idea of spending his lifetime in the prison so he begged his lawyer to help him get an impersonator who would be compensated to serve his jail term.
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