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  • Joshua and his Sheila were very happy because they had put Riana out of the way. Sheila was the happiest because her boyfriend, Joshua got more intimate with her than he did in the past. During Riana's absence, some lecturers would ask of her whereabouts and whenever they asked Mary, she would say she (Riana) was ill.
  • Even when they had conflict then, she never made her classmates aware of it except Sheila so people still assumed she was in good terms with Riana. Joshua was becoming the lecturers' favorite until one day when they saw Riana and Mary coming to class.
  • Sheila was the first to see them and her heart jumped because she knew it was time for revenge. She was sweating and was feeling very uncomfortable as she made it known to Joshua who was sitting beside her. Joshua didn't believe it until he looked backwards and saw his rival.
  • Many students greeted Riana before the lecture started and they all complained why she wasn't picking their calls during her absence in school. However, she gave them a reasonable excuse as they showed how much her absence was felt.
  • When the lecture started, every lecturer that saw her welcomed her back and it was really disturbing for Joshua and Sheila who were burning up with disgust. So ever since then, Mary stopped going to parties as she focused more on her studies. Riana also assisted her classmates who were not good in one subject or the other and she got paid.
  • Joshua wanted to greet Riana too but he knew she was aware of his hypocrisy. Besides, his girlfriend was the reason Riana was out of school in the first place so it was better for him to keep his kind gestures to himself.
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