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  • When Mary came to Riana's home along with Shelia, they were both shocked at what they saw. They didn't find anyone there. It was like they had packed out of there or something and no neighbor were willing to tell them of Riana's family whereabouts either.
  • "Coward. She knew I'd come for her. You better keep running bitch. For no one will safe you." Mary said and Shelia laughed. "I told you she'd run away with her family too. Let's go back to school." Shelia mocked. When the new besties went back to school, Mary felt her studies was flopping. She tried to catch up but the social lifestyle of Shelia over her was too overwhelming.
  • She started smoking and engaging in sex with many guys in campus, including lecturers. She fucked those male lecturers so she could pass her exams. However, she still tried to call Richard but he never picked up her calls. It was frustrating for her because she loved him and her revenge for Riana started waning.
  • Mary wasn't the kind of girl that could hold a grudge for so long. She's carefree girl and trouble wasn't her thing. Though, she could get angry, but it won't last longer with her.
  • She was feeling sorry for her life as Riana's words flashed back into her memory, especially the aspect of being a cheap whore. She knew she had to cut the friendship with Shelia as soon as possible but she lacked the confidence to do it.
  • And Shelia never gave her a breathing space. Always hooking her with one rich or handsome dude to keep her company. Well, all those moments were fun but she felt her dream of becoming a lawyer was slowly fading away.
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