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Chapter 20 THE ATTACK

  • One night as Kate was wanted to go to sleep because she was feeling dizzy, then she had some knocks on the gate and she wondered who that could be at such odd hour. When she opened the gate for the visitors who claimed they were from Prince. She was hit with the ass of a gun on her side face and fell to he ground. She tried to regain consciousness and fight back but there was little she could to stop the alert Intruders.
  • Worst still, they were good in kung Fu as they beat the hell out of her after series of lashes from her. She tried to dodge their bullets by knocking off their guns skillfully. They were four of them and they didn't come there to kill but to rob only.
  • One of the guys who was irritated by her beatings almost shot her, but he was stopped by their boss and they finally sprayed tear gas in her eyes which made her oblivious of her surrounding and led to her subconsciousness.
  • She was badly beaten after all as they approached the house. Richard was aware of everything as his hands shivered to call the cops. He was also attacked and they carted away with lots of valuables. However, Kate left them with serious injuries that couldn't be hidden and they admired her strengths.
  • They were just lucky because she was dizzy and wasn't fully aware of everything happening. Richard managed to get up from their few punches for being cooperative. He promised to let Prince take it from his salary because he was the one that persuaded Kate to get drunk as they were busy playing.
  • He kept regretting his action as he bought her some pain relief drugs and cared for her wounds. He was a masseur too and he really made her comfortable as she slowly regained consciousness. He bath her and fed her like a baby. At those times, his dick were rock hard because despite her being beaten up, she was still damn hot. His libido increased as blood rushed to his dick's veins.
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