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  • Ever since that day, their bond grew stronger. It was so hard to separate them. They'd always go anywhere together. So the two ladies really wanted him badly and to get had to decide which day he would have either of them. Richard really loved the idea but the person he really loved was Riana. He wanted to have a deep relationship with her.
  • Although he enjoys Mary's company, but Riana got his heart. Since she almost looked like Rose, whenever he saw her, his heart always beat fast then stops and continues it normal pace. Looking at her eyes only was enough for him as her red lips and dimples reminded him of Rose.The more he saw her, the more he wanted to avenge Rose's death.
  • So it was Riana's turn at first. They booked a hotel and the drama started. While they were in the hotel, Mary stayed at home to assist the old couple with house chores.
  • Then as Richard took her to the bed, he quickly undressed himself but Riana was still on her clothes. He asked why she was still wearing her clothes. Then she asked if he was only interested in fucking her, or he truly had feelings for her.
  • Richard never expected such question as it touched his heart. Then he told her that whenever he sees her, she reminds him of Rose and he truly loves Rose with all his heart. He would have married her if not for the catastrophe.
  • "So after having me, I'm sure you think of me as a cheap whore." Riana said like an innocent child staring at him.
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