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  • One week later after Collins and Mary left Prince's house, Collins was shot on his way to work in a company as a gatekeeper. Although he had earned enough from the Will of Prince's parents, but he wasn't an idle man by nature. He loved his job as a gatekeeper and would do it even if he had millions in his bank account as long as he's able to keep a low profile.
  • The assasins who shot him sped off with their car. People around there heard the gunshot and rushed to see the victim and they saw an old man lying in the pool of his own blood.
  • It was such a painful experience as the news got across to his family who wept bitterly for their husband, uncle, and father and grandfather. His friends also showed sympathy concerning his death. Mary became scared when she heard of it. After been fired from their former place of work, they both went their separate ways, because Collins had his own family and his daughters that were older than Mary.
  • So it would be absurd to continue such relationship even if it would be concealed. It was very certain that they would be exposed someday so such shame should be averted.
  • However, Mary got worried about Collin's death because that was how Mr. Harrison and his wife were killed. But who would she suspect? Who could have been wronged by Collins? What a harmless old man. What could he have possibly done to warrant this grievous punishment?
  • Then it came to her mind that late Collins offended Prince. She remembered when he threatened to shoot them if they didn't leave his house in haste. She quickly reported to the police and when they ransacked Prince's house, they couldn't find anything incriminating.
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