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  • After few days spent in the hotel, Prince decided to go home. He horned for over thirty seconds but there was no reply. So he got down from his car and tried the little gate for visitors. He placed his eye in the retina scan outside the gate and was granted access.
  • He was really angry as he checked Collins office but couldn't find him there. Instead, he was hearing loud music as he got closer to the house. Just as he got inside to locate where the music was coming from, he started hearing moans. He couldn't believe his ears so he traced where the sound was coming from and he found something that broke his heart.
  • He saw Collins and Mary fucking each other. They didn't even noticed his presence and Collins kept firing her like a soldier. It hurt him so bad that he had a heart attack because part of him really loved Mary so why would she cheat on him with just a gatekeeper? He screamed and collapsed on the floor.
  • When the couple saw him, they stopped their act, dressed up and rushed him to the hospital. He was in a coma for three days and when he finally woke up, Mary and Collins were so guilty to show their faces to him. He could still remember vividly everything he saw. Then after few medications, he was discharged.
  • When he got home, he called them for a meeting and asked to know how their affair started. He almost cried when he looked at Mary in her eyes. In all his commendations about her, this is how she could degrade herself to embarrass him. He really had plans for her but now it seemed like all those plans would be futile.
  • So Mary narrated thus: "It all started after that night he caught us fucking in the kitchen. Then he started sneaking on me for days whenever I was bathing if I'm not mistaken. Someone day, I ended up catching him red handed and rebuked him. I thought he had stopped his silly advances on me. Until one day, I wanted to give him lunch in his room as usual, I saw him wanking via his slightly opened door. While he was wanking, he would moan my name several times.
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