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  • Meanwhile, while Mary was at home, Collins made it a habit to sneak on her while she was bathing or dressing up. Ever since he saw her fucking with Prince, his libido for her increased and he wanted to actualize that dream. Whenever, she gave him his daily meal, he would stare at her bouncing ass when she's going back to the house and slightly bite his lower lip as he gets lost in the trance.
  • Sometimes, when she would be asking him something, he would get lost fantasizing how he would fuck her, until, she interrupts him and ask what he was thinking. He would fabricate any lie possible to evade any suspicion. He didn't want her to notice that he wanted her badly, but within him, he wanted to just express it.
  • So one day, as he was peeping through her bathroom door, his phone rang and she immediately looked towards his direction. He was busted. Mary was pissed off. How can a man old enough to be her father be sneaking on her. She threatened to tell Prince about it and he started begging that he didn't want to lose his job. And the reason why he developed this silly habit of his was because of the day he caught she and Prince fucking in the kitchen.
  • Mary laughed and understood his reason. After all, she forgave him and warned him to desist from that silly habit again and that she doesn't like older men so he shouldn't even dream of them together. But after that moment, they both had a weird relationship. They weren't free with each other like they used to.
  • Now, back to Mr. Gabriel's household, when he got home he was angry. He started complaining to his wife why Prince ever came into his life. His wife was so glad to see him again as he narrated all the incident he experienced.
  • "Don't worry dear, all is well. Just take a shower and eat your food. I've prepared your favorite for you." That really lighten her husband's mood as he dashed to the shower and rushed back to eat his meal. The couple's slept peacefully that night. They didn't want to have any child again through sexual intercourse. The house really felt lonely without their daughter. They still couldn't get her away from their heart.
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