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Chapter 8 May Anderson – The Intention

  • May raised her eyes open and her face beamed a smile in expectation of the new day. The sun and the chirping of the birds promised a grand day, but remembering that the day was Tuesday and the weekend was three days away quickly drained her mood.
  • “duh!! another school day,” she moaned, struggling to get out of her bed. Within minutes, she took a shower and dressed up, then she opened the room’s door and looked around her room before bidding it farewell.
  • “Good morning mom” she greeted on reaching the sitting room.
  • “Good morning darling, how was your night?”
  • “endurable” she replied, looking at the portrait hanging on the wall with a sad smile on her face.
  • “come have your breakfast dear you...” her mother paused when she saw her staring at their family portrait. “He had always loved you,” she said, hugging her daughter from behind her.
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