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Chapter 20 Episode 20

  • Jason opened his eyes to a very unusual warmth. The serenity of the woods was very refreshing and there was no painful sensation he would usually feel from the sun's rays.
  • Sitting up, he couldn't understand what was going on. Since the day of his possession, he had become very used to the cold lifeless feeling in his veins, and the constant barrage of information coming to his brain at all times.
  • He stood up in panic. There was no calmness that he always feel and no feeling in the ground.
  • His eyes widen in the realisation
  • " I_i'm free! I'm no longer possessed... I can't believe this." He muttered overwhelmed with joy. He ran about the woods jubilating with no care in the world.
  • He suddenly hides behind a tree on sees Stacey running inside the camp crying.
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