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Chapter 17 Episode 16

  • May walked into the dining hall the next morning, looking gloomy and dejected. She looked at the place she always stayed with Stacey and saw her sitting there, as unhappy as she was but a bit angrier.
  • She sits in front of her and looked at her face, for any sort of friendliness but she keeps her face down. Without her ponytail, she looked more mature and meaner than ever. May stayed there for a while but Stacey continued to ignore her existence. She could feel the rising pain her presence caused. Like magma rising from a volcano, she looked red and was seemingly about to explode.
  • Fully understanding that she meant it, May stood up and walked away.
  • " May!" She heard Liam call. Turning she saw him, sitting alone, eyes focused ahead and his fingers underneath his jaw.
  • Deciding to respond, she sat at the same table in front of him.
  • " How are you doing?" He asked quietly.
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