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Chapter 16 Episode 16

  • ** How will I talk to her ** May pondered in her heart, ** okay, I'll act very emotional... No not act~ I'll be very emotional. But how will I become emotional without acting?_ duh!!! Why I'm I so good at acting!!?** She wailed In her heart, sitting on her bed and gazing at the moon; as if awaiting answers from it.
  • ** Because of me, my best friend will die!** she cried. She could feel the moonlight embrace her with its warmth and the cool breeze calm her heart.
  • Suddenly, an idea popped into her head.
  • " Why didn't I think of that?" She said out loud, joyfully.
  • Then she jogged to Stacey's room and knocked thrice on her door.
  • " Come in!" Stacey said, combing her hair.
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