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Chapter 4 Nerthus

  • Nerthus
  • I slip out of my heels with a sigh and throw my bag on my white couch in the living room. The happiness I feel every time I get home is something I still can’t believe.
  • The money I spent on having it furnished in white and dark brown colors, to have it lined with white and grey tiles and to have the white walls worked in stucco, might be extortionate, but I don’t regret even a dime.
  • I also put a lot of effort into decorating the rooms with fresh flowers and mostly yellow or pink home accessories. My love for modern art that I got to know through my many advanced trainings sponsored by the agency, manifests itself through the colorful artworks I have hanging on the walls.
  • Apart from that, my apartment is pretty clinical. I don’t have anything personal on display. Not that I would have any pretty memories to disclose. I like to say that my apartment is just like me. Fully pragmatic.
  • After taking a short shower, I slip into an oversized shirt and cotton shorts. While my pasta dish is warming up in the microwave, I pour myself a glass of wine and turn on the television. I eat silently sitting at my kitchen island while watching the news on the TV which is standing in the living room. The silence around me is a luxury I had to work hard for, but sometimes I miss having the chaotic mess of people around me, like in the whorehouses I used to live in before.
  • As the doorbell rings, I get up, wiping my hands on my shirt and go to open the door.
  • “Ms. Rogers. What a pleasure to see you on such a lovely day. How are you?”
  • The first thing I see is a big colorful flower bouquet before my eyes set on a tall and slender guy.
  • “Hey Kyle, thank you so much. But call me Amber, please.”
  • It’s getting frustrating as I tell him every time and he keeps calling me by my last name, looking like some manservant of mine. He grins and his hazel eyes sparkle.
  • “Oh, Ms. Amber, I feel honored. Let me put those in for you.” I smile thankfully but stand in his way. My apartment is strictly man-free.
  • Well, except for GiGi.
  • “Thank you, but I’ll take them. No worries.” He distorts his face but regains his happy expression quickly. “OK, Ms. Amber.”
  • “Also, I can gladly pick up the flowers from the store. I already told you. There is no need for you to deliver them. It surely has to be troublesome.”
  • “Oh, no. Ms. Amber. It is always a great pleasure.”
  • Yeah. Sure.
  • Kyle works at my favorite flower shop a few blocks down from where I live. I’m in love with his boss, Saman, an elderly woman from Pakistan. I have been buying flowers at her shop daily practically since I moved into my apartment, and I always felt like being at home when visiting her little shop. But unfortunately, she has this love for her loyal worker Kyle, who keeps showering me with admiration. I know well that I am a beautiful woman with a nice body, and I surely know the impact I have on men. But as being liked by them is practically my job, it is quite a struggle to cope with compliments outside my working hours.
  • Why can’t I just be left alone?
  • As I manage to finally get him to leave after another set of Ms. Ambers, I push out a relieved sigh. Luckily, the flowers are so beautiful that my heart unclenches from the uncomfortable feeling swiftly.
  • I’m still arranging the flowers as my phone rings. Walking to my sideboard with the different phones, I pick up the one in an all-golden case that is currently ringing.
  • I clear my throat before accepting the call, pitching my voice slightly higher. “You have reached Aria. How can I make your day?”
  • It takes a moment before the person on the other side speaks. “Hi Aria, my name is Elinor Simeons. I’m the personal assistant of Mr. Rodberg. Ms. Da Silva gave me your number to speak about your further engagement.”
  • Oh, how noble.
  • “Yes, Ms. Simeons. I was waiting for you to contact me. Thank you so much for calling.”
  • She sounds like she is already around her fifties, and I picture a very elegant assistant as she continues to speak with me in a very cultured manner.
  • “My employer has a few wishes that I must insist you respect. If you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to tell me and I will reschedule with Ms. Da Silva for another girl. There won’t be any consequences for you.”
  • I giggle internally. If she knew what kind of wishes I already had to fulfill until now. It is rather hard to scare me away at this point.
  • “Thank you, Ms. Simeons. That is very generous of you.”
  • “Well, I have to look for my employer to get a satisfactory treatment. This way, he can concentrate on his job fully and be relaxed.”
  • This time I don’t withhold my chuckle and even the elegant PA laughs with me.
  • I guess her bonuses are pretty high.
  • “I will do my best. You can be assured that I’m one of the best you could get.”
  • “I’m very happy to hear that. Now, if you have something to write, I’ll fill you in on everything.”