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Chapter 42:

  • Karnak
  • Emma had noticed that the boat had stopped at Karnak.  It was the closest they can get to Medamud from the Nile River.  It had taken them hours to get there.  Where she had noticed the sun going down.  Beyond the landmark that she barely see, the Valley of the Kings, only if she could see through her binoculars well enough.
  • When she turned around to see where they had parked the boat.  Only to see the riverbank, near the Luxor Museum.  She could feel the empowerment of the historical statues that she could see from the boat.  Something about being in the middle kingdom of Egypt, made her feel uncomfortable.  She could see the Karnak Temple just south from where they are parked.
  • Dakota looked at her with a raised eyebrow.  “What’s wrong, I haven’t seen you like this before?”
  • She looked at him with worry.  “I don’t know, a guess a part of it is, I can feel the power that is still in the land.”  Emma looked around the area, as she shivered.  She could feel the hot heat had lessened a bit.  “History still doesn’t know how these were made, with simple tools like copper could build such wonders.”
  • She saw him nod his head at the corner of her eye.  “It is something that I do have issues with, myself.  How, in the Hell, did they manage to get things carved and erected without heavy equipment?”
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